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The Farm Friends offers services to long-term care homes. Our petting zoo experience gives long-term care residents the ability to interact in a hand-on experience with our animals by petting and feeding the bunnies. One of our staff members will also hold a bunny that residents are able to pet up close. Like all our other events, they will be unable to hold the animals. 

Our visits at long-term care homes create a wonderful and heartwarming experience for residents. Interactions with animals, especially friendly and gentle ones like rabbits, can have numerous positive effects on the well-being of residents in long-term care facilities. It's wonderful watching the residences' faces light up seeing the animals and listening to them share their stories of their experiences with animals while they were younger.

Travel Fees apply minimum $20. 

Here are some benefits and considerations to keep in mind:

Therapeutic Effects:

Animal interactions can provide emotional and psychological benefits to residents, including reducing stress, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness.


Animals can stimulate sensory experiences and memories, triggering positive emotions and conversations among residents. We have had numerous residents sharing old memories they had with their pet bunnies, other pets, or living on a farm. 

Social Interaction:

Residents can bond over their shared enjoyment of the animals, fostering social connections.

Joy and Smiles:

The presence of rabbits can bring joy and smiles, brightening up the residents' days.​

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