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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose us?


Unlike other bunny rescues or petting zoos, our rescued/surrendered bunnies have already been socialized. You would be amazed as to how friendly these bunnies are. We have dedicated plenty of our time into socializing them. We also only bring bunnies that have shown us that they are comfortable attending events and meeting guests. We believe it is not fair to the bunny if it is being placed in a situation that is causing them distress nor fair to the guests wanting to interact with a bunny who is scared/not friendly. 


The Farm Friends is a unique and compassionate animal rescue, backed by almost twenty years of dedicated family involvement with four generations. Our family has had a hobby farm dating back to 1963 back in Richmond, BC after immigrating to Canada. Our commitment goes beyond mere care; it's a heartfelt dedication to ensuring each animal receives the love and attention needed to thrive. 

Visit our Gallery and our Instagram page for some moments of our animals lives at home.

Why can’t guests hold the bunnies?


We know the bunnies are so cute and it is tempting to want to hold them! However, most bunnies do not enjoy being held, they prefer to only be pat on the floor as they feel safer. Holding the bunnies can also pose danger to the bunny if it is not handled correctly. Bunnies can be sensitive to handling, and the stress of being held by unfamiliar hands may cause them distress or anxiety. Respecting these guidelines helps create a calm and safe environment for both the guests and the bunnies.

Who are our dedicated animal helpers?

Aside from our family, our team consists of passionate animal lovers who assist us part-time. Many of our staff members are university students from UBC, SFU, and BCIT, pursuing degrees in Nursing, Business, Education, Criminology, and Kinesiology.

What should I know before petting a bunny?

Approach bunnies calmly and gently, allowing them to come to you. Avoid sudden movements and loud noises. You may pet the bunny on its back and top of head only. You may offer them some of the food we provide but do not force.

What measures are in place to ensure the bunnies' well-being?


Our staff closely monitors bunny interactions, and specific guidelines are in place to promote the welfare of the bunnies and the safety of visitors. We kindly emphasize the importance of adhering to our guidelines to ensure the well-being of our rabbits. Although in extremely rare situations, it's essential to note that, like any living animal, bunnies could resort to biting or scratching if they experience mistreatment. Mistreatment would entail forcefully holding the bunny down, touching parts of its face (eyes, mouth, etc), covering its face or restricting the bunnies movement by cornering it. If mistreatment does occur after a staff member has pointed it out and you have continued to not cooperate, you will be asked to view the bunnies only from the outside. No animal will hurt you unless harassed and/or provoked. 

By following our recommended practices, you contribute to creating a safe and positive environment for both our bunnies and yourself. Your cooperation in this regard is greatly appreciated!

Can we have an indoor or outdoor set up for the animals?

We offer both indoor and outdoor setups. During April through September, while the weather is nice and warmer, we prefer setting up outdoors if possible as the animals are able to have fresh air and will feel more comfortable. If it is raining and you have a balcony or tent to cover the animals, that would be great!

We can set up inside on any surface except carpet for cleanliness reasons. Please ensure to have a space approximately 6 ft by 8 ft in size for the turf mat and fencing to fit. 

We are thinking of having bunnies come to our child's birthday. Are there any age restrictions?

Children 3 years old and younger must be accompanied by an adult while interacting with the animals. 

What kind of bunnies do you have?

We have a variety of bunny breeds, each with its own unique characteristics. Our staff can provide information about the different breeds.

Are any of the bunnies up for adoption?


When bunnies are available for adoption, they will be posted on our website, or an email will be sent out to potential adopters who have shown interest and given us their contact information. We only ever let a bunny be adopted if they have been socialized, are well tempered, friendly, and most importantly, is going to the best home possible.

Can bunnies be litter trained?

Yes, rabbits can be litter trained. They often pick a corner for elimination, making litter training relatively straightforward.


Are there any volunteer positions?


Yes! We are always looking for volunteers. If you are ever interested in volunteering for us, please send us an email at and we will connect with you from there. 

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